“Thirsty or Consistency” by A. Dakala

What a beautiful day in Atlanta and a wonderful time to be a prosperous, intelligent and a well put together black man. It didn’t matter what your past was like before you got here; your potential was calculated on what you were doing with your life now. Yes ATL, Hotlanta or Hollywood Atlanta are some of the names it’s has often been called in the past. Everyone who is no one; wants to be somebody. There are thirty women to every one man in Atlanta.

Now these new young chics are looking for older guys, not necessarily a sugar daddy; but security and stablility. The older guys love it, it’s making them step up their game even more; especially when the older women are not as sexually active, spontaneous and experimental as they were in their younger years. Somehow being classy has eliminated being sassy; not sure who started that. So the younger chics in this day and age has figured out how to do both while the older women are turning into cougars; sits on the sidelines growing cob webs. Trust me, Sex is a major component of a successful relationship; but as a woman; you got to learn to take vaginal ownership as if you were the captain of the ship. Women can make men do whatever they want, when it comes too sex. Let’s me say that again. Women can make men do whatever they want, when it comes too sex.

The key is balance. Don’t give away too much sex too soon, don’t hold back sex too long, but give him just enough to keep him satisfied without starving him. Young chics can give less or nothing at all but they are freaky in bed or just like sex just as much. They participate in the bedroom by being creative or attentive. A rock that never moves just lays there. That’s a big turn off to men. Flirting, dressing sexy, role playing, weekly date nights, closeness and cuddling, holding hands in public, taking baths together from time to time; those are the things that keeps a man at home and wanting to come home. Ladies young or old invest into buying lingerie, every man starts his arousal with the eyes first. So what, you have gained a few extra pounds; you never know what your man finds to be sexy until you try it. That oversize tee-shirt that covers up every body part; that God gave you will not turn on a mosquito near swamp water.

So blaming the next woman, chic or thot that brings more to the table won’t keep him home. Let me also say this to the women who thinks it’s ok to give your man the okay to hangout frequently at strip clubs. Keep opening up Pandora’s box; the ending results will not be good.

Now there are those money hungry chics who only wants money; point blank period. They are living for the moment, out to get ahead and will give up sex to get their bills paid, hair and nails done or stick you with a baby. By the way it’s not the baby’s fault. They don’t care about your man, your feelings, your bills or his status; they out for themselves. If your man is that weak to fall into Charlotte’s Webb without a plan; he wasn’t your man from the start. Sex is like a drug and it’s highly addictive.

Warning to all men and women; invest time into your own relationship, compliment each other, express your love, find time for intimacy or someone else will.

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  1. What you have said is true, but not new. We have always played the harlot throughout centuries. You know the saying “how you got them, is how you keep them. The turning point though is SALVATION. As you get older you become wiser. These young ladies are doing what has already been done, nothing new under the sun.
    It’s true that men see with their eyes when it comes to the women, but they are not wise. A man does not look at the consequences behind those flattering lips, and big hips. Many men have babies by thots and regret it. Many have married as well and have regret it. A women will lead a man to hell. As has been told to watch out for her, daddy will say hit it, but don’t marry it.
    Men, would look at a woman and lust in his heart and sin. So bottom line here is, sex and money, young girl older guy, is always in. Life


  2. “Take vaginal ownership” very powerful. A woman understanding to keep their man ‘wanting more’ of them is the basis of a happy and lasting relationship. I love your “real” insights.


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