Welcome to the world of Author A. Dakala. I write about true life relationships, street stories, happy beginnings some unhappy endings. Yes I write about life lessons, warnings, red flags and not to mention; momma told you so but you wouldn’t listen type stories.

As hard headed as I were growing up in the Carolina’s, then eventually moving south to Atlanta Georgia, my journey became my testimony, my trials were actually court trials, but my tribulations were those talks I had with God at night on my knees; not just asking him for forgiveness when I was doing wrong but thanking him for my blessings and the times he made me do right.

So my gift to you, is my thoughts and words delivered from my heart, soul and mind.

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2020 I will be releasing a book with extended versions of some of my top short stories on the blog. Stay tune.  I started my own publishing company, “A Caged Pen Publishing’s” registered through ASCAP.