“Scorpio Season” by A. Dakala

In Washington DC; on H street avenue. I'm on the eleventh floor of the Pod DC hotel in Chinatown. It's 4 am in the morning you can hear the sirens every 15 mins racing throughout the intersections, metro buses engines roaring and voices conversing as if it was rush hour. Not too different from the... Continue Reading →

“Just Add Magic” by A. Dakala

So tired of being single and waking up at 3 am on a work night eating bowls of chocolate ice cream to sacrifice her sexual desires became so common to a beautiful black "Queen" her friends called her. Over the last three years Josephine made life all about her career and saving money. She just... Continue Reading →

“Just when I needed God” by A. Dakala

Due to the pandemic and after fourteen years of service at my job, this morning the President of the company called for an staff meeting early this morning. I noticed that some of the top managers were not present. Today was the day, the company was shutting it's doors and moving operations to Ontario California.... Continue Reading →

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