“Infidelity @ A Cost?” by A. Dakala

Nothing in life is for free. Everything we do has a price tag and once you purchase it ; you either enjoy it or return it; but once it happens it can't be erased, forgotten or replaced without determining the value of it. The only happy ending of love, is love that never ends. "Until... Continue Reading →

“Scorpio Season” by A. Dakala

In Washington DC; on H street avenue. I'm on the eleventh floor of the Pod DC hotel in Chinatown. It's 4 am in the morning you can hear the sirens every 15 mins racing throughout the intersections, metro buses engines roaring and voices conversing as if it was rush hour. Not too different from the... Continue Reading →

“Tapped Out” by A. Dakala

Last night Strawberri got a little tipsy over the two bottles of wine we shared. Well Strawberri; that's her nickname; she was born Monique Cambridge. I call her that because she tastes so sweet and juicy; like a fresh Oklahoma Strawberry. A true freak in the bedroom but a very intelligent woman works hard. We're... Continue Reading →

“Girl Bye” by A. Dakala

Never mix love with lust. A successful love life is just as good as being rich, but I would rather be poor than in lust. A wolf in sheep clothing, hidden behind the make up , eyeliner and permanent tattooed eyebrows. They say never trust a big butt and a smile or a woman who... Continue Reading →

She Reeled Me In” by A.Dakala

Fool me once shame on you but to fool me twice shame on me. Giving your heart to someone cold hearted is a task when they continuously show you that you mean nothing to them. Its funny how someone would stay with a person that disrespect them but disrespect the person that's trying to build... Continue Reading →

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