“Vermin” (A Million Roses) by A.Dakala

I knew when I walked in and saw two wine glasses in the sink, that the atmosphere would have a scent of foul play. Coleman's favorite bottle of wine was empty, and in the trash can. I guess he didn't think I would notice it. I notice everything, I'm always scanning his house when I'm... Continue Reading →

Boy Please! By A. Dakala

February 2, 2019; 6 o'clock. Me and my BFF's; Shari, Renee and Bonita decided to go to the cabins in the Georgia mountains this weekend, since we didn't have anything else to do and we all were single now. We all have boy toys to go to in a time of a sexual needs; but... Continue Reading →

Ghost Writer

This is a promotion only. My new book "Ghost Writer" coming to Atlanta Georgia in June 2019. If you would like to be in attendance and added to the guest list; please email me your name and email address to: adakalabooks@gmail.com

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