“Plan B” by A.Dakala

Everything ended as I thought it would. So for the last few months I prayed that God would send me a Plan B. My heart wasn’t strong enough to walk away since we had invested so much time building where we currently were. Seems like every time we take one step forward; we fall back two steps. Sometimes love will have you wearing blinders, you know tunnel vision; you see things but choose to ignore them because your mind and heart are on opposite pages.

Having a plan B gave me the opportunity to bypass the hurt, so by the time love ended; it didn’t matter no more. I had already prepared myself. Between prayers and playing the lottery, I know my breakthrough is coming soon.

During my break up I got promoted at the radio station and was granted my own on air hosting show from six to ten at night. So much has taken place since my break up. I distance myself from my friends, I really didn’t want anyone to know I had hit the lottery, I just wanted to live a low key private life. I didn’t even tell my ex, we were together when I won but during that time things were rocky. So now I’m sitting in this condo, all work and no play.

It’s funny you can have all the riches in the world, but love is priceless! I broke my lease finally and decided to move back to where it all started for me. This time my foot prints will leave marks, thanks to the years of grinding and hustling. Life without a back up plan, isn’t living.


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