“Vermin” (A Million Roses) by A.Dakala

I knew when I walked in and saw two wine glasses in the sink, that the atmosphere would have a scent of foul play. Coleman’s favorite bottle of wine was empty, and in the trash can. I guess he didn’t think I would notice it. I notice everything, I’m always scanning his house when I’m there, I mean he cheated one time before, so I knew he was capable of doing it again.

The first time he did, he called me another woman’s name in the middle of sex, I didn’t sleep with him for 3 months. I didn’t pull the Will Smith thing by saying I’m going to get you back and don’t, I did, I got his ass back two months later with an ex who was in town. Like every good woman who’s been done wrong, I took his black ass back, after I cheated on him. His luck is running out, everyone has a breaking point, and I’m hanging on by broken glass pieces with glue. Someone out there appreciates a good woman. Some of you have a good woman and don’t even know it.

Lately, Coleman has been on his best behavior, a complete gentleman. It’s like a set up for him to fuck up again, I sense I’m being punked, just waiting on this scenario to play out, like a cheap horror movie.

It all started with our second year anniversary, that morning I woke up early that Saturday morning to fix us breakfast. Coleman was lying on his stomach, knocked out sleep. I ease out of the bed without waking him up. “Baby, why are you up so early?” He said as I was putting on a t-shirt. “I’m just going to the bathroom.” I knew he would go back to sleep. As I was walking into the kitchen, I noticed he left the computer on in the office. I could hear the sound of instant messages pinging. It was one of two it was several. I had to pull up a chair and read them. Several women, this fool was on a dating site talking to these bimbos. Even telling them he was single and his girlfriend died in an accident. I couldn’t believe some of the things he was saying to these women. I responded to everyone of them, “Sorry I lied; I’m a player, I have a girlfriend that I live with, I’m only interested in sex with you one time and it’s on the next woman.” Let’s see how this looks on his player card. Here we go again.

I started to wake his ass up by pouring some cold water on him. I am so tired of being disrespected.

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