“The Teardrop Diamond” A Dakala

The teardrop shape of the diamond is said to symbolize tears of joy, while the style itself is a testament to a woman who is bold and walks to the beat of her own drum. This style is perfect for an empowered woman with a flair for romance and elegance. Her style of own represents a powerful mind. The other day, I met this Diamond in the rough, Stephanie Cela, mid fourties, works as a real estate investor, independent, widow sort of and no kids. Engaged to her high school sweetheart, until he was murdered by the husband of the woman he was cheating with. Unfortunately, his side chick’s husband came home early from a Las Vegas trip and spazzed out.

It’s been over 3 years since her love life ended. There hasn’t been much interaction with the opposite sex since then , unless your that chocolate battery operated toy hidden in one of her shoe boxes under her bed. Even then everytime she takes it out , it’s like going on a blind date. They stare at each other, she looks at it, goes through the speed settings, turns off the lights and turns him on.

It took Stephanie a minute to remove all the pictures of her ex in her place. Most of them got crush after she found out he was cheating. But this weekend, she decided to start a new life, dedicated to loving herself. If Mr. Right comes along so be it, if he doesn’t, so be it. Contradictory of the prayer she sent God’s way to bless her with a great man. In the middle of her prayers, a passing storm, knocked out her power. “God is really listening to me tonight” she said. During times like this having that significant other comes as a blessing. With her flashlight in hand, someone knocks on her door. At first she thought maybe she was hearing things or the storm had blown a tree limb towards the house. Then it knocked again, as she walked closer to the door, she could see a shadow at her front door. “Who is it?” She asked.


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