“The Teardrop Diamond” A Dakala

The teardrop shape of the diamond is said to symbolize tears of joy, while the style itself is a testament to a woman who is bold and walks to the beat of her own drum. This style is perfect for an empowered woman with a flair for romance and elegance. Her style of own represents a... Continue Reading →

“The End of Kessa Lounge” by A. Dakala

Silence wins all battles! Nothing seems to change. Too many red flags too many chances. At some point in your life you have to say enough is enough. Those sneak diss name calling starts to take on you mentally. Nothing you do will ever be good enough until your gone. All the money I invested... Continue Reading →

“Running A Muck” by A. Dakaka

My girlfriend Phelicia Locke and I was living a life like the Joneses. Lavish vacation trips, exotic cars and two vacation homes in two different states. Living the perfect life but there was two things bothering me on the inside that I was keeping from her. I've came close to telling her on numberous occassions... Continue Reading →

Pretty Poison by A.Dakala

Simon and I are still together; the wedding just got called off temporarily until I can get my thoughts together on exactly what I wanted to do. My friends say that I am living in a fantasy world and that I need to get my life together. Unfortunately Simon hasn't always been the guy that... Continue Reading →

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