“A Devil Under My Roof” A. Dakala

Ashley fell into a trap of lies, laced with fake love from someone who wasn’t loved as a child. A person with deep wounds inflicted by his own mother. Gene Williams, was also a fatherless child growing up. He never knew his father, until a year before his death. So having respect for women wasn’t something he was taught or accustom too; his mother couldn’t teach him everything that a man could have, but she did her best at a very low minimum. Ashley was a money pawn for him, to benefit his own lack luster life of being a nobody, told to him many times by his mother. So in return, he would take what he didn’t earn like a leach. God had a plan, so instead of getting angry, Ashley kept her peace, kept her distance and watched the scenery play out like a death row inmate being executed in a electric chair.

Karma is always waiting in a pulpit full of snakes, and they will travel from New York, South Carolina and Georgia looking for that southern hospitality of real women. They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but in this situation.

Gene Williams needed to break the chain of mental and verbal abuse he received from his jealous, money thristy mother. He went looking for love in all the wrong places, even being confused by his own sexuality during his college days at Hampton University. Not even his own sister, shower any care for him. …………

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