She Reeled Me In” by A.Dakala

Fool me once shame on you but to fool me twice shame on me. Giving your heart to someone cold hearted is a task when they continuously show you that you mean nothing to them. Its funny how someone would stay with a person that disrespect them but disrespect the person that’s trying to build a future with them. This is how it started.

I finally met the woman of my dreams but after three months I found myself telling her I love you already . My heart wants to believe this is the one, but she constantly tells me how she would sneak off to a club when her ex was at work. I took a mental note of that in the back of my mind.

Nevertheless I love this woman’s personality and wanted to show her what being in love was all about. I honestly don’t think she cheated on me in the beginning, but everyone’s definition of cheating is different. Cheating is not always physical, it could also be mental. It could be sharing unknown conversations with the opposite sex or now days the same sex knowing they have a thing for you. If you’re in a relationship and that person is unaware, that could be labeled as cheating.

You can never please someone who doesn’t have the desire to push themselves. I swear no matter what, my heart felt it still grew daily for this woman; there was something special about her. We connected on so many levels; shared so many nights of three to four hour telephone conversations, at times dosing off on each other in the middle of deep conversing. But, there was something I wasn’t doing right or something she was doing wrong. In the beginning our love life was perfect, then the steps of the ladder started to crumble like old wood from a farm barn built in the 1960’s. Even still, I loved this woman like when I first met her.

We never missed a day of talking, I looked forward to telling her about my day and she sharing hers. When her job was stressing her; I made sure I gave her my undivided attention. I wanted to ease her pain, massage her stress and take on her struggles; I wanted to protect my Queen. I wanted our love to be like two best buddies on a win win headed to the alter. Her words spoke volumes of being prepared to settle down but her actions were like balancing on roller skates you hadn’t been on in over twenty years.

(To be continue)

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