“Just when I needed God” by A. Dakala

Due to the pandemic and after fourteen years of service at my job, this morning the President of the company called for an staff meeting early this morning. I noticed that some of the top managers were not present. Today was the day, the company was shutting it’s doors and moving operations to Ontario California. I wasn’t prepared for this, I turned down a job that was only thirty minutes from my house to stay with my current company. Now I am in a bind and how do I break the news to Tessa that I have to move to the west coast. We not on talking terms at the moment, due to her inconsistent ways but I do owe her and explanation why I didn’t go to VA as plan. I just had a change of heart, now this happen.

I tossed all night, unable to sleep; no one to talk too. Sometimes I can’t believe this is my life, at my age still asking God what is my purpose. When I was broke I had more friends than I needed, now that I’m comfortable, educated and thinking like a grown man, I’m soliciting friendships unworthy of my caliper. The conversation I once enjoyed with my girlfriend has turn cold, as an unsolved crime case. I only have twenty thousand left in my bank account, if I move to California; that will not last long. Maybe I should take a chance and buy a food truck that my girlfriend and I had talked about for a year. I think I got discouraged on that idea since we were suppose to be business partners, but her faith in our relationship has been dampened like a camp fire trying to stay lit in the rain.

So confused, I decided to walk to the corner store and buy a few scratch off lottery tickets, to ease my mind. I hate to spend twenty dollars on luck but you can’t win unless you play right? Then I scratched a box and saw the words LIFE!

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