“Just Add Magic” by A. Dakala

So tired of being single and waking up at 3 am on a work night eating bowls of chocolate ice cream to sacrifice her sexual desires became so common to a beautiful black “Queen” her friends called her. Over the last three years Josephine made life all about her career and saving money. She just wanted the American dream of having a happy successful relationship, two kids, a big house, a dog and a white picket fence. What she has been getting lately; were rehabilitated criminals, street wealthy, uneducated momma boys or emotionally unstable homewreckers looking for a woman to take care of them; welcome to Jacksonville Florida.

As soon as the guys she meets hear about her ninety day rule; the phone calls would stop or they’d automatically block communication. Giving up the goodies was not an option before ninety days; she confessed daily in her head. Josephine believed that anything worth having is worth waiting for and she refused to give her heart through her vjay jay.

She didn’t believe in praying for a miracle man. This time, she decided to try a more safer approach; online dating through a new dating site called “The Chat Room” founded by a self published book author name A.Dakala, who writes about relationships. The unique thing about this site, You only had 3 days from initially contacting someone to either give a green light or red light to exchange numbers and get to know each other. After 3 days, your exchange will be deleted permanently from contacting each other and you must move on to another person. The catch was to get to know as much as you could about the person with in 72 hours. Josephine was so excited, to build her profile, which only allowed one profile picture, one picture of your favorite hobby, food and television show. There were also only five personal questions to build your profile.

Rushing home after work, she took off her clothes, showered, poured a glass of wine, look through her pictures on her phone and logged onto the Chat Room. Setting up her page was not a easy task; she didn’t want to use her real name, so she came up with, “MsHazelEyes” as her screen name.

The profile picture chosen was a vacation picture from the beach, it didn’t show too much, and it didn’t cover up everything. The purpose of the picture was to show that she enjoyed having fun but at the same time looking for something and someone serious. It didn’t take too long before the messages started coming in, and they came in by the dozen. There was only 72 hours to review potential matches. Some of the guys had profile pictures smoking weed or cigarettes, they were deleted, wearing alot of jewelry looking like drug dealers, they were deleted, throwing up gang signs, definitely deleted. This started to feel like work to Josephine, so she came up with a strategy. Write down her top five must have qualities and three things that were deal breakers. She didn’t have a height complexity, but she wasn’t looking for Gary Coleman or Shaquille O’Neal, she needed him to be taller than five feet , five inches but shorter than six feet; since she was only Five two. She never dated outside her race but was open to it as part of her inter growth. After a few hours of swiping through profiles, Josephine realized that this dating application can be addictive. There were a few hot contenders, but being so easily turned off by the slightest imperfections had her swiping left on fifty percent of the guys that showed up as her match. Before long, it was after midnight, now there’s only a few hours of sleep to get and a whole bottle of wine was gone.

Somewhere between the wine and swiping, Josephine fell asleep, but was awaken by incoming message alerts on her profile. Out of twenty seven alerts, two individuals caught her attention. A younger gentleman name Rudy, who didn’t mind showing off his pretty smile and physical look from waist up, looks like he really works out and a similar age guy name Jeffery who looked settled and serious. No pictures of his cars or jewelry, divorced with no kids. The younger guy never mentioned kids or if he had been married or divorced. Sort of a mystery guy, interesting. Josephine definitely wasn’t looking for any hidden surprises or negative agendas.

She decided to message both of them, to keep her options open. The younger guy Rudy responded immediately, as if you was waiting by the site, his first few lines were gentlemen like, nothing out of the way. He asked the right questions as if he was really interested. The interesting thing about him is he sings in the church, is a son of a Pastor. As Josephine was talking to Rudy, Jeffery ping in with a “Hello Gorgeous, how are you today?”, he said. Josephine, lit up like a Christmas tree, but hesitated to respond back; didn’t want him thinking she was waiting by the site. Thirty minutes had passed, and the conversation with Rudy was getting deeper and deeper. Josephine could tell Rudy had to grow up fast being the older sibling of five kids, him being ten years older than the next sibling. He said , he had to go get some rest and would reach back out to her before noon. In the meantime, Josephine message Jeffrey back. “Hello Sir, thank you for the message, how are you”, she replied. Instantly, Jeffery responded back and the conversation to look off like a rocket. Like Rudy, Jeffery had tons of get to know questions, and everything he asked Josephine, he also answered. He definitely didn’t seem to be a selfish individual, and by the sound of his voice tone he was very articulate. Jeffery had been married before, and now divorced for over six years and took time to focus on his career and kids. By the vibes of the conversation, he was very passionate about his kids and seem to be a great father. Before long, two hours had passed, and Josephine realized it was after two in the morning. So she ended the conversing with Jeffrey, but promise to pick up where they stop later today.

Josephine logged onto her dating account, and notice Rudy nor Jeffrey had sent her any messages. Not wanting to be the aggressor, she patiently decided to wait and log off the site. Once one of them message her, she would get an alert via email.

Two days had passed, there were dozens of messages from other guys but Rudy and Jeffrey were a no show for the moment. Sitting at work, I guess it started to show on Josephine’s face. So at lunch time instead of going with the other ladies, she decided to walk a couple of blocks to Starbucks for some green tea. Now Starbucks is always packed during lunch time, but today she would wait for a table. Sometimes a person can get so caught up in their head with thoughts that you forget what you are doing. That’s just what happen to Josephine, she sat down at table pre-occupied by someone who only had their cellphone on the table as a place holder. Josephine totally ignored it and sat down anyways.

As she was standing down with her tea, a gentleman walks over and sat down in front of her. “I’m so sorry Sir, I didn’t know who’s phone was on the table, I will move” she said. “No need, I don’t mind sharing” he said

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