“Beez in the Trap”

Anytime I go out of town to pick up work for my trappers, I always ride by my neighborhood first to make sure there’s no undercover cop cars watching in the dark before I go home. This particular night, I decided to stay in a hotel a mile from my house and get up early in the morning to take a morning jog to scope out the area. I had a street value of a half of a million dollars of product that, the cops would love to get their hands on. I was so low key, that my main chic was treated like wifey, my side chic thought she was the main chic and my best friend Lo Lo was my right hand and my friend with benefits. I had no intentions of hurting no one, they all were important chess pieces in this game of cat and mouse.

That morning I got up early, put on my running gear. I made it look so legit. As I entered my neighborhood, a few people were out jogging, so I blended in perfectly. A few head nods and hellos along my run. I noticed a few unmarked cars from a distance, but just as I thought, they were on to me sort of. If I pulled up with what I had in my car , its going to be breaking news at 11 tonight. I backed tracked and jogged back to the hotel. I called up Lo Lo to inform her what was going on. Together we came up with a plan, she would take a Uber to the house with groceries as if she was living there with me, just to see if she would be approached. I paid for another night at the hotel so I could continue to park there. I drove to pick up Lo Lo and took her to Food lion store , from there she would call for an Uber to pick her up and take her to the house.

Once all the chess pieces were in place and Lo was headed to the house, she was to place her phone on speaker or use her earbuds, as I called her from my burner phone under the assumed name “Karen BFF”, she had saved.

As she pulled up I could hear the car door shut. I could also hear bags ruffling as well as keys. Then the front door unlocked, “I’m in the house” she said in a low tone. Wearing her ear piece, I asked “doesn’t anything look suspicious”, “not at the moment.” I told her to go upstairs and peek out of the blinds without being seen. Once she did she said, two cars pulled into the driveway, followed by four undercover cop cars. “Let the games begin” she said, then the doorbell rung. Lo, if they ask to search the house, tell them no and if they ask where I am, tell’em I’m expecting him home soon after he gets away from his main chic and or side chic so y’all can wait here if you want, I’m just the best friend who gets the benefits.

Soon after they searched the house and realized I wasn’t there, Lo Lo took the flashdrive that showed the Police Chief and the Mayor involved in a embezzling ransom act of the Bank executive’s daughter, and hide it in a box of cereal and put it in the trunk of my broken down Buick, in the garage.

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