“A Scorned Woman’s Cry” by A.Dakala

Windows of Grace for some are based on their lack luster opportunities to take from others. Germination of a bruised seed, sometimes blossoms a lost soul. A tongue stained from years of lies, becomes embedded like herpes; that you can’t get rid of. Talking to a therapist is just someone willing to listen to the wordplay of a genius devil. A manipulator is far from being a people’s person, instead they play the victim to hide their flaws.

Now that I have your attention, let me be completely transparent. My name’s Regina Terry and I was once married to Brandi Holt. Two successful black women with promising careers, thought we were in love, we got married and we were lesbians.

Like any other love relationship, we were inseparable. Our situation was so unorthodox, because neither one of us has ever been with the same sex before until this. We both were in relationships with the opposite sex when we met. Both our past relationships ended with the guys we were dating; cheating. It’s seems like the more you give a man, and the more you try to be the perfect woman by proving it, the more they choose to be with someone less than what they had. Hell I gave this man things mental and physically that a King would be proud of. Even when I wasn’t up to it, I was there for him.

I remember crying all day when I caught my ex in a Waffle house late one night booed up with my ex best friend Tracey. She was suppose to be on vacation that weekend with her sisters and my so call man was suppose to be flying to Tennessee to watch his son play basketball. Unfortunately, a co- worker spotted him and then called me at 1 am in the morning. Neathless to say , I went to jail that night for beating Tracey’s ass inside Waffle house, and knocking out my ex’s car windows. They called the police and I volunteered to be handcuffed. Once I made bail the next day, I locked myself in my apartment, were I cried for hours. Later that night I decided to get out the apartment and go listen to some live music at the Kessa Lounge downtown. This is were I met Brandi, sitting at the bar, alone looking like she had been crying like me.

As I approached the bar and asked her if anyone was sitting there, she looked at me as if she was holding the space for me. “Unfortunately no one is sitting there, if it was it would be my man , well ex, I just kicked his sorry ass to the curb for cheating” she said. “Damn girl we going through the same shit, I just got out of the county for whipping some crackhead looking bitch’s ass, all booed up with my ex at a damn Waffle house, damn he cheated and feed the bitch”I told her. “Oh and that BMW with the moon roof , got four extra sunroofs too”. Brandi, Gave me a high five and laughed her ass off. I laughed too, and it felt good to get it off my chest and smile finally.

Hours passed and we still were drinking and laughing. Then my song came on, ironically it was Brandi’s song too, Ying Yang Twins, to the window, to the wall. Brandi grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor, well we made a dance floor. All up on to each other dancing. She had a beautiful smile and a lovely figure too. We danced and danced until my feet were burning. As the DJ played the last song, we paid our tab and exit the building. I offered Brandi to crash at my place since she was forty five minutes away. She agreed and followed me to my place.

Once we got there, we both were so tired. Brandi said she wanted to shower; I showed her the guest bedroom and where everything was located like towels and body wash. She didn’t have any clothes with her, since tonight was just a night out for us both. We were about the same body size. I told her to look in my walk in closet and see if there’s anything there she could wear for tomorrow. I also gave her a nice short set and tank top I wear to bed at times.

We both were females, I didn’t think nothing of it, we both standing in my room, talking and stripping off our clothes, butt naked. I went into my bathroom to shower and she went into the other bathroom. Yes the thought crossed my mind briefly of how sexy and beautiful she was. I had to snap out of that thought quickly as my soapy sponge soaked my breast. It had to be the liquor.

To be continued…….

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