“Impeachable-Entanglements” by A. Dakala

Lying in my girlfriend’s bed looking up at the cathedral ceiling as she walk downstairs butt naked to let her dog out to use to the bathroom. I truly love looking at her big ass, she’s truly a sexy woman from Head to toe. Our chemistry is unpredictably breath taken.

I glanced over to grab my cellphone off the night stand because I knew my Fiancée Angelica was blowing me up. I notice my phone going off when I was on top of Josena making love to her earlier. Angelica and I had a major fall out yesterday about her allowing her son’s father to use their son against her when he doesn’t get his way. Last week I over heard him calling her a stupid ass bitch because she took their son to Virginia to stay with her mother for two weeks. I snatched the phone and told the punk to watch how you talk to my woman. After a few exchanges of words with him and Angelica yelling at me to give her the phone and stay out of it; I grabbed my keys and left. When I got in the car I texted Josena and asked if I could come over and vent. She never tells me no and been begging me to leave some clothes there in case I needed to change. I haven’t left anything there but my toothbrush and not sure if i want to leave anything else being in my situation I am at home.

Sometimes I wonder if Angelica is even the right woman for me. She is more stable than Josena but lacks in all over areas.

Once I got to Josena’s place, she opens the front door wearing nothing but a house coat, that is how I ended where I am now looking up at the ceiling. Sex isn’t the only thing that makes a man smile but it’s truly a good foundation when it feels right and pleasing. As I’m lying here, I could hear voices downstairs, then it got louder. I get up half wrapped by a pillow and walk to the door, opening it slightly. I heard a man’s voice yelling “I surprised you didn’t I, you didn’t think I was coming home from prison” he said. Josena was studdering, I looked around the room to see what I could pick up to hit him with just in case he came upstairs. “Is that a fucking hickie on your neck?” He asked. Then I heard him smack her, pow! I quickly ran downstairs, as soon as he saw me, he pulls out a pistol and pointed at me. “Yea, I figured someone was here in my house with my soon to be dead woman, too bad two people has to die today” he said.

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