“The End of Kessa Lounge” by A. Dakala

Silence wins all battles!

Nothing seems to change. Too many red flags too many chances. At some point in your life you have to say enough is enough. Those sneak diss name calling starts to take on you mentally. Nothing you do will ever be good enough until your gone. All the money I invested into opening “The Kessa Lounge” had no worth to it, my business partner didn’t have themselves together. So our friendship went bankrupt by default.

When I first came up with Kessa Lounge, it felt good from the heart. Naming something after what I loved the most and too death. I saw this as a place that everyone would be talking about. It stayed on my mind twenty four seven. A place you could let your hair down at and be you. I knew after I won the twenty five thousand dollars Wednesday night that my plan was finally in motion.

I didn’t have a clue that my business partner was lying behind my back and being unfaithful with a web of lies. After all I thought we were inseparable, but the layers of who they were started to show. I finally understood when you’ve been burned by snakes all your life that it’s hard to phantom having such great bond and connection with a true honest partner. I would have died for our friendship. But being tainted from the blood is hard to change. So as the Kessa Lounge was being built I had no clue they were plotting to put gasoline on the foundation and burn it down. Luckily I kept the receipt of the surprise I had for them. I had just asked the other day about size of foundation should I purchase ; I guess the seven in a half wasn’t big enough.

A. Dakala

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