“Infidelity @ A Cost?” by A. Dakala

Nothing in life is for free. Everything we do has a price tag and once you purchase it ; you either enjoy it or return it; but once it happens it can’t be erased, forgotten or replaced without determining the value of it.

The only happy ending of love, is love that never ends. “Until death do us part”; is a catch phrase in every wedding ceremony. It sounds good, it makes sense but it’s very costly. You can find infidelity on clearance, on sale and at the regular price, but you will pay for it. Remember nothing in life is free, I do mean nothing in life is for free. People’s intentions come with weight, desires, expectations, promises, lust and verbal commitments. Men say things they think women want to hear and women do things that they think attracts men.

Physically or mentally, connections start with the eyes. Both men and women, will visually inspect with the eyes like an x-ray machine. The key for men is to make her smile and for women it’s his repeated compliments. We’ve all heard that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. It’s the TAC movement, Think, Act and Communicate. The differences between the opposite sex, depends on the mentality of the individual. Honestly, the only difference is how we use and misuse our penises and vaginas. We either give up or give in at the wrong times. Then the regrets kick in like binge eating on Thanksgiving food, when you just lost ten pounds at the gym a week ago. Once you go through, it can’t be taken back like a pair of pants too small for a refund. It now becomes a part of your sexual DNA.

Close your eyes and think about it; Predator or a Prey how would you define yourself?

Over fifteen years ago I caught my  ex-boyfriend; Charles Lewis on vacation in Oaxaca, Mexico with the sister of my best friend. Of course, I had a tracker on his phone, so for two weeks I wrote down detailed information on every move he made, every text he sent out and every phone number dialed. The bad part about it all, my best friend knew about it.

I worked as a Registered Nurse on the overnight shift at a local Hospital; always exposed to trauma, so what I was thinking and things I’ve read about wasn’t a surprise to me. I carried my emotions on my sleeves, and for weeks pretended to be a good woman. Now I was far from being a fool, I cut off  having sex with  him and my excuse was due to having a heavy menstrual cycle that has a mind of its own. Once I said that, he would disappear for a day or two.

I can remember the last time we were together, it was like yesterday. I had a conference I had to attend for work in Columbia, South Carolina and since he was off from work, invited him to come with me. He didn’t hesitate the least, packed his bag and we were on our way. Honestly I thought we were in a good place in our relationship, we talked, laughed and listened to music on the entire trip.

That evening we checked into the hotel, ordered food from within the hotel and then went to our room. We showered together and like always when we saw each other we had sex.

He stayed in the room the next day when I went to the conference and we had small talk back and forth through text messages, but once again things seemed good. I did notice he started putting his phone face down a lot , something he never did, I noticed that one night we went out to eat Mexican food. I never said anything, but I noticed everything.

When I got back from the conference is when things took a turn for the worst. I walked in the room and she jumped as if she was doing something wrong on her phone. I could tell by the way she looked that something wasn’t right.

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