“Her heart/His story” By A.Dakala

What are the chances that two people looking for love, cross paths from two different states. Both divorced, but apparently an alone weekend birthday trip to the mountains and a dating app connected two individuals in a way that would last forever.

On a typical day in New Orleans, Tony would get off from work, search through his dating profile; swiping more to the left than right. It wasn’t about the looks all the time that attracted him to a woman; maybe the eyes, the lips, hair style, the hair or just the information on the an individual’s page. Then there was Roni. That was her page name. Born and raised in Forth Worth, Texas; Devilish smile, mysterious eyes, beautiful pecan tan complexion and very sexy looking according her profile pictures. Tony definitely was swiping right on her; then the words Matched popped up, as they were systemically deemed a perfect connection.

They both obviously swiped on each other’s pages. Tony made a brief innocent initial greeting; “Hi love, how are you doing on this beautiful day?” Roni responded back immediately and the communication began like horses out the gate at the Kentucky derby. The first phone conversation lasted six hours on a work night for Tony and it was the night of Roni’s birthday. She had treated herself to a cabin get away, distance from the norm, no friends, no man, no makeup and a box of wine. Not a bottle, but a box. “Finally a man who knows what he wants” she said, as she relaxed in a tub filled with bath and body work bubbles. Tony had the same presumptions, with questions on deck to dig deep into her heart like a medium well steak.

Their connection seems to be natural and organic. Asking questions built the foundation but it was the reciprocated answers that had more weight than a fat kid binge eating cake. That night headed into the morning; Roni texted Tony asking to video chat but Tony didn’t respond. Not knowing that he had fallen asleep, she assumed he had a woman and was unable to talk. Learning from past experiences, Roni texted the emoji peace sign. “No time for games” she said out loudly.

On the other end Tony woke up and realized he had missed Roni’s call and immediately texted her back, ” Yes we can video chat” and how sorry he was after missing her call.

Roni saw the message go through but looked at her phone and put it down. Mentally she was debating, should I or shouldn’t I? Pacing the floor holding her third glass of wine; walking around an empty cabin with nothing but a robe and thongs on; she decided to……………………….


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