“Girl Bye” by A. Dakala

Never mix love with lust. A successful love life is just as good as being rich, but I would rather be poor than in lust. A wolf in sheep clothing, hidden behind the make up , eyeliner and permanent tattooed eyebrows. They say never trust a big butt and a smile or a woman who doesn’t wear her wig or lace front on straight. Weave extensions are just a sign of camouflaging the new growth from the roots. Either you’re a rebound, security or an insurance policy, either way, love has a price tag on it, and clearance is not an option. We’re all up for sale.

The fellas and I plan a guys trip every year, this year it’s Puerto Rico. Now some of them are going to have issues getting away, because they are married or dating. My best friend Lance just went through a divorce, so this is like a divorce celebration for him. Celebrating his independence with a little fun in the sun. Myself, well I’m single, my divorce was a fire pit of gas, kerosene, lighter fluid and diesel all roll up in some bullshit. How does a person come in with nothing, try to take everything. My ex was motivated by money, with no common sense. Karma!

We all met up at the airport in Atlanta, well six out of the seven of us. My boy Chet, had a big argument with his wife Lydia about the trip and she threatened to move out if he went. So he stayed home. The six of us, were already liquored up in the airport parking lot, with some Puerto Rican mamis on our minds and partying at the Cranberry Palace in San Juan sipping on jalapeno margaritas. A Four hour flight across the Atlantic ocean, listening to Future in my headphones staring at the blue waters.

Finally landed in San Juan PR and everyone was ready to get the week popping. As we were headed to baggage claim, my boy Chet called and said he would be flying out later today, he decided to come anyway after Lydia left and went to her sister’s house anyways. So he said fuck it, and kept his plans to celebrate with his boys.

I found a luxury six bedroom Air B N B in Carolina, that was minutes from everything. we had a nice Cadillac escalade I rented to navigate us around the city. Once we got our bags, we shuttled to the rental car area and loaded up. Only a twenty minute drive to Carolina. The host of the home, Marlene, was a real estate agent over the property around our age, and seemed pretty cool. Puerto Rican and Jamaican mixed, she was fine as hell. Her and Joseph my best friend kind of hit it off as she showed us the house from top to bottom as Joseph flirted with her from room to room. She said she had a few girlfriends in the city and a few coming into the city from Florida, by numbers they outnumbered us, but hell let us meet them, Joseph said. I was in agreement, speaking for myself, who was single and on the market. Marlene said she had the perfect match for me, her twin sister, Charlene who was an engineer in Puerto Rico but spends a lot of time in Atlanta and Florida on business. Divorced mother of two girls, looking for love. Marlene said she noticed my leader-like qualities well respected by my boys and the leader of the pack instincts. All from the back and forth phone conversations we had on getting the property. Once she finally met me, she thought I would be perfect for her or her sister, but Joseph beat me to the punch with her. But that didn’t stop her from looking at me from time to time smiling.

Tonight we are having a house party meet and greet. I knew a few people in the city that hooked me up with a well respected DJ in the area and we had some Spanish food catered. After talking to Charlene for a few hours on the phone, she’s flying in from Florida just in time for the party. I can’t wait to meet her.

Marlene left to go get her sister, most of her friends were here. I was getting nervous, one of Marlene’s girlfriends kept, looking at me and whispering to another female in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure if they were talking about me in a good way or bad, so I approached her. She introduced herself as Jalissa, and she definitely wasn’t shy. I admit she was cute, hell all of them were, and they love taking shots of liquor, brown or white.

Marlene returned to the house but Charlene wasn’t with her. Something about she was tired from flying and wanted to go home and shower and she may come back out. I was a little disappointed but one monkey didn’t stop a house filled with beautiful women. She could at least call me after we talked about the meeting and told me herself, but anyways. I felt stood up sort of,I refused to call her but then I was thinking maybe I should at least check up on her.

Too be continued…..


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