“Tapped Out” by A. Dakala

Last night Strawberri got a little tipsy over the two bottles of wine we shared. Well Strawberri; that’s her nickname; she was born Monique Cambridge. I call her that because she tastes so sweet and juicy; like a fresh Oklahoma Strawberry. A true freak in the bedroom but a very intelligent woman works hard. We’re both so in tuned with each other’s bodies and mind; she can give me a look and I know exactly what she is thinking. She knows I love looking at her and undressing her with my eyes; so every time she comes over; she wears no bra or no panties. Her nipples get so erect when she sees me; she knows that turns me on.

As we were pouring the last of the bottle wine, Strawberri gets up and turns the lights off and changes the television to a music choice channel. Then she goes and sit on the end of the love seat facing me. She had on a short baby blue mini skirt, showing those bronze smooth big thighs. I reached out and grabbed her foot; she raised it up towards my face. My fetish for pretty feet kicked into high gear. I rubbed and kissed her toes until I made my way to her inner thighs, then kissed her legs until they became numb; showing nothing but a silhouette of her thong that was hidden between the lips of her vaginal.

The way she grabs the side of my head as if she was holding a basketball ready to dunk. As I look up and she looks down, our eyes connect as if they were talking to each other…………….

To be continued

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