“Toxic Confessions” by A.Dakala

Leaving from downtown after meeting up with two of my closest girlfriends (Lori and Shay) and taking shots for a few hours, I was exhausted. A security guard who doing his best to get one of my girlfriends to give him their number but failed was convinced to walk with us to the parking deck for safety reasons. Lori, gave us the impression, that she wasn’t interested in the guy but they were walking and laughing at something he whispered in her ear. Shay swears she saw Lori slide a piece paper in his hand as he grabbed her hand to say goodbye. Her uninterested ass was looking back at him for a reason and he was too smiling to the point he stumbled on the curb heading to the elevator. We drove two separate cars, so when I got into my car, I noticed I had a few missed calls and some text messages. I reached into my glove box and put my gun ontop my lap as I strolled through my messages. Out here in Atlanta, you can never let your guards down.

Shay who was riding with Lori pulls up in front of my car, “girl is everything alright?”, yes, just checking my messages, I said. “Call me when you get home”, said Lori. “make sure your ass go home, no booty calls”, laughed Shay. “Bye hoes”, I said loudly but laughing because they are funny as hell. This guy Donnie I met a few months ago, had left me a dozen messages asking to see me. He is a great guy, just not my type, plus he is not stable. I need to stop at Walmart to pick up a few things and it was only midnight, so it shouldn’t be crowded in there.

The parking lot was full, some people were walking to there cars, but very few. Damn, I guess everyone decided to go to Walmart tonight. I pulled into a parking space and turned my car off, I honestly was feeling alittle tipsy from the liquor but not impaired. As I took off my high heels to give my painful arches a break and put on my flats, a black pickup truck pulled into the parking space to the left of me. My windows are tinted pitch black so seeing inside my vehicle is not possible. The vehicle looked familiar, but naw I said to myself, he can’t be, he is out of town. Curiosity was killing me, the person didn’t get out. I picked up my cellphone and called Shay to let her know I was at Walmart so they wouldn’t worry. “Hello, girl you made it home, girl yes, in here trying to reach Issac’s ass”, said Shay. “Well I just wanted you to know I made a stop at Walmart to pick up a few things and then I am headed home”, I said. “Okay, girl, well I’m going to try calling my man again, I’m sure he sleep and had a long day working, you know he works longer hours when he is out of town and then i’m going to bed”. As I hung up the phone, the passenger door opens and a female gets out the truck and walks around to the driver side. Okay, I know I am tripping, Issac wouldn’t be cheating on Shay, they have the perfect relationship. Then the drive and passenger both, walked behind my car. The direction they were going made it hard for me to see their faces. As I saw them walk into the store, I got out of my vehicle and took a picture of the license plate and on the front of the truck was a Atlanta Falcons tag. Shay’s husband was a huge Falcon fan, the throws some of the best superbowl parties. I got back into my vehicle and but moved to another parking space so I could see the both individuals clearly. A few minutes later the two people returned. It was Issac. He is walking hand and hand with this unknown Becky, even open the door for her right after they shared a lustful display of tongue kisses. This lying flirty ass man, is cheating on my girlfriend. I turned off my camera flash and took over a dozen of pictures. They didn’t even get in the front, they are in the backseat of his truck, the windows are getting foggy, it was clear that they were having sex or he or she was oral sexing the other. I wanted to run over there and bang on the window. I nearly sat in my car for over thirty minutes. He gets out first buttoning up his shirt and you could clearly see his belt was unfasten. Oh my God, this asshole is fucking in a Walmart parking lot. Then he cranks up his truck and slowly drives off, I followed them. There was a neighborhood behind the Walmart he pulled into. It was a gated community but the gate was open, so I drove in behind them, but went in the opposite direction. As they parked, I could see his truck and the two got out, I assume she crawled out of the backseat into the front as he was driving, because she got out of the passenger seat. They kissed again and she walked towards apartment building 306, I wrote that shit down. Issac, speeds away quickly, but i was in hot pursuit of his ass. We drove about another fifteen minutes and then he pulls into a Holiday Inn Express. This must be where he is staying. I parked in the hotel next to the Holiday Inn and watched him just sit there. Minutes later, he gets out with a suit case and was greet at the front entrance by another female who seem to escort him inside. I was so pissed. After my high was completely blown, I had to let down all of my windows and turn up my music to get my thoughts in order driving home.

I wanted to call Lori so bad, but they are cousins and it’s was after two in the morning. I should have already been home, in my bed, would of preferred being laid up having sex with a man that I did not have at the moment. Instead I’m witnessing this fake asshole out here parking lot pimping and entertaining thot buckets. I can not let my girlfriend continue thinking she got a King, when he is nothing but a thrill seeker and womanizer; I picked up my phone to call Shay, but she didn’t answer.

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