“If these walls could talk” by A.Dakala

“Scorpios has the strongest memory out of all zodiacs”

Close your eyes and listen to the conversations that the walls are having. It’s like barbershop and hair salon gossip session. Sometimes you have to pray for God to reveal what you can’t see but what you knew all along. There’s confirmation in prayer. Just take time to get on your knees and talk to God. You either learn from it, build on it or run away from it. People say things unexpectedly based on things they been wanting to say all along. Holding on to build up cludder makes a hoarder. A snake can only bite you if your in harms way looking with your blinders on, so if you chase mice long enough; your probably end up in a rat trap. The truth hurts but like every painful heartache; eventually the pain fades away, so no need to indulge into ice cream, cookies or cakes. We are all thinkers with Brittle and fragile feelings, that’s what makes each one of us different and unique. Observe your foot steps and the path your walking on and determine is the path big enough to share. Will it enhance what you already have within you alone; or hinder your embedded stones you worked so hard to segregate from the person you once were.

Trying to solidify your new beautiful stones in a lake full of cement to harden has often been disguised as a landfield full of mud. Remember muddy foundations will never harden eternally, because once it rains you’re back to pulling out your old shovels; patching up pot holes that still have air pockets. If it didn’t work then; it probably wont work now. A zebra doesn’t change its strips.

So when the temperatures in the kitchen reaches a boiling point and the mud dries; all you have remaining is crumbling dirt. So its not if these walls can talk, its are we listening when they do speak. Infact I am having 5 conversations as we speak with four walls and a ceiling and I had no clue they felt that way about me, but in the twelve round they definitely got my attention.

I woke up to my alarm going off like it was a work day, it’s the weekend and I am either planning my flea market trip, getting a pedicure or packing up my suit case for a staycation somewhere local. I haven’t been to Chattanooga in a while. This would be a good road trip to just get my thoughts together and let my hair down. I hear there’s a Jazzfest going on downtown and before the pandemic shuts everything down; I need to put my plans in motion.

I never been the type that needed to invite all of my girlfriends like we are waiting to exhale, I know how to have a great time and entertain myself; that’s why I’m the life of the party out of my circle of friends. Of course I mention it to one girlfriend that told another, that told another and now there’s nine of us taking this trip. I’m not sure if I want the company of eight other women, we all got some sort of relationship issues going on. Lord knows I do not want this to turn into a wine, cookies and movie weekend. I’m trying to party, drink and dance. I can care less about guys trying to holler etc. they do that here, I need this time to be about me. I got one rule to all eight women, if you don’t pay to stay, you will not go and if you pay, be ready to roll out or your ass will get left.

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