High Maintenance won’t find you love by A. Dakala

So you are a high maintenance woman looking for Mr. Right to settle down and fall in love with. Remember first impressions means everything in the eyes of a man and woman; what a person sees is what they have to deal with short or long term.

Not saying that it’s impossible and women can’t have exactly what they want when it comes to a man but think about the man on the other end interested in you as a woman; what is he thinking when he sees the name brand clothing, designer nails, flawless make-up, luxury cars and the Ms. Independent attitude? What can a man bring to the table that you don’t already provide for yourself? A man’s hindsight is beauty and looks doing a first impression. If it looks expensive during the first impression; a lot of the times you have lost us on the first meet and greet. Yes it’s very expensive to date; a simple night out for dinner would cost you anywhere from eighty to one hundred and fifty dollars give or take.

So ladies there’s a way to still be high maintenance, looking good, have nice things and show your Independence without seeking a man with money.

There’s different ways to take care of a man and woman’s needs that are not materialistic. Sometimes the best love is the love that’s genuine; not the type of love that you pay for through monetary contributions.

This new generation has lost his way when it comes to dating. Someone, some friend, some Hater has embedded in some women’s mind that is not okay to take your man out on a date and spend money on him. Just because you’re walking through Phipps Plaza or Lenox Mall don’t mean you can’t afford it. A lot of people are driving luxury cars that they can’t even afford and lying their heads where they’re just tenants paying somebody else’s mortgage. So let’s get to the bread and butter of why being high maintenance won’t find you real love.

Story starts

It’s 2019 a new year, a new look on life, New year’s resolutions and new goals in mind. My name is Arthur Jenkins; I’ve been on my job for 20 years; I’ve grind to get to where I’m at. Living in Atlanta Georgia were ratio is thirty to one; it’s hard to find a real quality woman who’s really looking for love and not an insurance policy. Society has painted the picture of lifestyles of the rich and famous. It seems like everyone’s looking for someone with money, a nice car or living in a mini mansion; when they not bringing nothing to the table.

I love the finer things in life and things that I work hard for the things that I grind for, the things that I feel I deserve as an independent man of standards. So ask yourself; what’s more important; love or luxuries? Yes you can have both, but one out weighs the other.

So I met Bethany Curry, walking through the Mall of Georgia last night. I was there shopping for a pair of Cole Haan shoes. Of course I was dressed down, I had just left the gym and wanted to run inside before the mall closed.

I couldn’t help notice a beautiful mocha chocolate stallion walking towards me with highlighted hair and no rings on a finger. She looked and spoke with her lips in passing. I didn’t want to make it obvious and look back as most of us men do; so I dropped my keys just to look back. She also paused and look back thinking that maybe she had dropped her keys and we made eye contact. She smiled; then went into Victoria Secrets; I paused for second. Today I will be shopping for panties for an unknow female that doesn’t exist but I’m determined to make contact with chocolate mocha. I could tell she was high maintenance; she smelled good, she looks amazing and body was banging. I know she works out daily and she was working those Gucci heels.

I approached her like a gentleman. “Hi beautiful, how are you?”

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