Black Girls Lives Matter (R. Kelly is sick) by A. Dakala

I have bought every cd that R. Kelly has ever dropped until now. He even wrote and produced “Spend the night” by a group of guys (N-Phase) I grew up with. At this point I can give a damn about his talent; there is something seriously wrong with this grown man that meds can not cure.

There’s three addictive drugs in the world; Crack, Heroin and R. Kelly.

Hate me as much as you want; but I got to speak my mind about this disease that Robert “R. Kelly” Kelly has. Preying on young immature girls so he can manipulate their minds is not only sick but events of a sociopath. A real man would send these girls home; knowing that they have mothers and fathers who are hurt and torn deep down in their souls. Yet and still R. Kelly seems to play, plot and prey on these young victims by using his celebrity status as bait to catch his victims. Soon the money is going to run out and all the people around him that’s protecting him will either go down with him and turn against him. There’s no other options.

This has gone on long enough; dated back to the sex tape when he had sex with a underage child. He needs help and someone, somebody is not doing their job. Either there’s some people getting paid off or they’re just as much involved. How can you be a monster, predator, sex offender, child molester, manipulator, abuser and still able to walk the streets and make money from music; glorifying acts of sexual abuse?

Bill Cosby went to jail from acts that happen over 30 years ago; like he should have. Donald Trump should be next and not running this country. These R. Kelly acts; not accusations are happening now. Welfare checks are happening now.

Lawyers, Judges, DA’s, Prosecutors, Warden, Police and whoever will listen, do your damn jobs. Save these girls from this demon. If these were white females; he would be on death row years ago. Black girls lives matter; Lock R. Kelly up!

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