Sex sells but nobody’s buying it! by A.Dakala

So many women have been mentally poison by creating what they think a man really likes and wants. Yes, the big ass is good to look at…. temporarily but the grip of a fake booty gives you fake results. Sex sells and will always sell like a good drug to a dope fiend. But eventually the drug wears off and reality kicks in. Sometimes the mental capacity weighs more than the outside attraction but like every good reading; you can’t judge a book by the cover.

The reality of life has been tainted by individuals not knowing who they are or hiding behind who they want people to think they are. Some of us have pasts that has made us into the liars, cheaters, unstable and whores we are today. Clarification, not all of us have adopted this plague.

Life scars and bruises has been covered up by Halloween make up of the unforgiveness from seeking love in all the wrong places. Beauty does not define love, honor or respect. Beauty is an attraction that feeds the soul’s wants and needs. Who cares about the name brand clothing or luxury car your driving when your heart is at stake? I can’t remember the last time I got in bed wearing a new pair of Gucci boxers or worried about her having on those lace Louie bra and panty sets. Those panties will be pulled to her ankles in a matter of seconds; so whether it’s Target or Walmart brand, we sexing regardless.

Hot-Alanta and every other place where women feel they need to surgically altered their appearance to draw the attention of men who are just as fake and confused as them. Society has accepted this look as an life enchancement not realizing the damages it does to the self inflicted scars that eventually turns into battle wounds.

Some of the life changes are branded and can not be reversed.

This is just my opinion but a lot of these self body enhancement has been proven to be linked to low self esteem issues one may have to be accepted. Ladies please remember this; butt injections, boob implants, lip enhancements and all these tummy tucks only looks good for the moment. We all have to grow old one-day, your skin will flop to an desire-able look……eeewwww!

But for now most men will take the eye candy until it melts!

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