“Men Cheat, Women lie; Women cheat, Men lie” by A. Dakala

In the book of Genesis, chapters one through five.

A serpent deceives Eve into eating fruit from the forbidden tree, and she gives some of the fruit to Adam.

For years men have been weaken by the lust and love introduced through bodies, eyes, lips and speeches of women.

For years women have been mislead astray by the rich promises from the tongues of men that has resulted into heartbreak and debt.

How does this undocumented cycle continuously keep spreading from generation to generation?

Why did I get married? Bray Simms keep asking himself. Lying in bed looking up at the ceiling. Reminiscing on how his life use to be. He didn’t marry for love or even lust it was security. He was educated, she was educated, together they could conquer the world. But the lack of intimacy has driven a great marriage down a long dark road, where fixing it requires that someone puts on gloves and become the mechanic.

Josie who’s married to Bray, lays on her side as she does every night. “I hope he doesn’t touch me” she says to her self. She got married to feel safe from an abusive parent. It has been several months since the two of them has been intimate with one another. Sexually Josie has lost her way trying to come to grips with her sexuality and going through hormonal changes.

Bray finds himself not attracted to his wife any longer and his eyes starts to roam when he’s out looking at other women. Compliments starts to steer him into infidelity mode.

Josie a different person around her friends, bubbly. She wants to be catered to by her husband but don’t want to do the things worth getting catered too. Her motivation comes from texting her girlfriends about work related issues , watching her reality shows or whispering in private conversation about invaluable gossip. She spends wasted hours at work searching for ex boyfriends on Facebook, who either cheated on her or list interest.

Their marriage has become toxic waste. FEMA couldn’t clean it back to health. Bray’s only there because of his daughter.

This is how all of it started:

Josie started lying about everything, money etc.

Bray got anger and called her a bitch a few times during arguments

Josie started complaining about sex; too rough, it hurts, hurry up and masturbate. She didn’t like Bray losing weight.

Bray lost sexual interest because Josie didn’t partipate sexually. She just laid there, sex was boring. Plus they would only have sex 3 to 6 times a year. Josie didn’t like dressing up if she didn’t have too, this was an issue with Bray.

There was nothing sexy about their situation except their beautiful daughter.

They honestly married their enemy or did they? Can they fix their marriage or should this be one for the divorce books?


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2 thoughts on ““Men Cheat, Women lie; Women cheat, Men lie” by A. Dakala

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  1. Money don’t fulfill everything. This marriage is a marriage of many. Sexual chemistry is like how God loves the church. It’s a oneness. This couple became one in the act of sex, but not one in the spirit of sex. No let me rephrase. Sex can be had by prostitutes, sex can be had when one is raped, sex is sex. But making love is different. Josie was not allowing her husband to express himself. A man expresses himself two ways. Sex and his pockets. He’s not giving all of himself, so this let’s me know the finances are having a problem too.
    This marriage may not be salvaged. They both were attracted by how financially stable they could be together, and normally that’s not the first attraction for a man.


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