A Heart Choice to make by A. Dakala

Waddell Crosby wasn't your typical African American male with a college degree, tons of street smarts and loved by the ladies. He was the kind of man that a woman could love one night and call her best friend on other days; someone who would have your back and go to war with you whether... Continue Reading →

Searching for King by A. Dakala

As I look back on the one person that got away; I'm often reminded that I may not ever find my King. My life changed the day he left and hasn't been the same since. It was my best friend; Mary's birthday coming up next week and also Black Gay Pride anniversary in Atlanta so... Continue Reading →

A Love Story by A. Dakala

She said take off her panties but keep the candles lit I said no regular condoms only magnums fit, She wouldn't let me pull them down past her hips or her thighs I figure she was just teasing me with them fake hazel eyes, Starting kissing her neck until I kissed her titts Playing "turn... Continue Reading →

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